Puig acquires a majority stake in German skincare brand Dr. Barbara Sturm

Puig acquires a majority stake in German skincare brand Dr. Barbara Sturm


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Jan 11, 2024

Puig has acquired a majority stake in the German molecular cosmetics brand Dr. Barbara Sturm. Its founder will retain a minority stake in the company she created in 2014.

Dr Barbara Strum products – Puig

Dr. Sturm has developed skincare, body and hair care products as well as supplements, and will continue to drive product development as chief product development officer and brand ambassador, Puig announced in a statement on Thursday.

Puig, a global leader in luxury and beauty, sees this acquisition as a significant enhancement of its competitive position in the premium skincare sector, harnessing the widespread recognition of the Dr. Barbara Sturm brand, its well-established digital presence, and its extensive international network of spas and boutiques.

This strategic addition to Puig’s portfolio is anticipated to boost the brand’s international development and expansion, with plans to augment its existing network of spas and boutiques in Düsseldorf, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Jakarta, and Singapore.

Marc Puig

Puig’s CEO, Marc Puig, highlighted the German company’s “scientific approach to skincare and its highly effective treatments,” reinforcing the conglomerate’s position in the premium skincare segment.

German doctor Barbara Sturm explained that she founded the brand in order to deliver exceptional, science-based treatments and that partnering with Puig signifies a shared entrepreneurial spirit but also underscores their joint commitment to innovation, product quality, and knowledge dissemination. “We are ready to introduce our skincare products to a broader audience,” she added.

Notably, all products under the Dr. Barbara Strum brand are free from synthetic fragrances, harsh preservatives, or parabens. Additionally, the brand adheres to cruelty-free practices and claims that all their products are “suitable for all skin types and needs.”

Dr. Sturm, known for her pioneering work in anti-inflammatory treatments, has a rich history in orthopedic research and began to specialize in aesthetics in 2002. Her groundbreaking treatments include the MCX treatment – a platelet-rich plasma facial known as the ‘Blood Facial’ – and the MC1, a personalised plasma-based moisturizer harnessing the power of the body’s innate proteins for skin rejuvenation.

In 2014, she developed her complete anti-inflammatory skincare collection, giving rise to Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics, which now operates seven spas and boutiques.

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