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Last Epoch – Best Mage Mastery To Pick

Like all other classes in Last Epoch, the Mage has access to three different Masteries: Sorcerer, Runemaster, and Spellblade. All three of these Masteries are extremely different from one another, featuring vastly different buffs, skills, and play styles. This guide goes over all three of the Mage’s Masteries in Last Epoch and offers an opinion [...]read moreLast Epoch – Best Mage Mastery To Pick

Kettlebell Clean and Press Mastery Guide

Welcome to “Mastering the Kettlebell Clean and Press.” This guide is your ultimate resource for this dynamic exercise. The kettlebell clean and press is a key exercise in strength training. It combines two classic weightlifting movements. This full-body exercise involves lifting, pulling, and pressing. It works various muscles, from your legs to your shoulders. This [...]read moreKettlebell Clean and Press Mastery Guide