Source fashion webinar highlights new trading scheme

Source fashion webinar highlights new trading scheme

Hyve Group’s major responsible fashion sourcing show, Source Fashion, is this season collaborating with the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) to “host an exclusive webinar to highlight the significant opportunities for businesses from the new Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS)”.

Source Fashion

Happening at 11am on Thursday (13 June), it will be hosted by Sabiha Ahmed and Jasmine Dirie, Policy Advisors at FCDO and will focus on ‘Maximising Benefits from the Developing Countries Trading Scheme’.

It will discuss how the DCTS aims to stimulate trade with 65 developing countries by removing or reducing import duties. This scheme is designed to promote economic growth in developing regions, diversify and increase their exports, and provide financial incentives for UK businesses to source products from these regions.

Dirie said: “The scheme covers 65 countries that collectively export over £23 billion of goods to the UK each year and cuts tariffs on thousands of products allowing improved market access to fast-growing emerging economies. The scheme also supports UK businesses to build supply chain resilience by diversifying sourcing and benefiting from reduced tariff costs on key imports.”

The next edition of Source Fashion takes place on 14-16 July at Olympia London. 

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