Most UK consumers sign up to loyalty schemes

Most UK consumers sign up to loyalty schemes

An impressive 91% of UK consumers are now actively involved in loyalty programmes, reflecting a broad appeal across different demographics and income levels. That’s according to comprehensive research from the Gift Card and Voucher Association (GCVA).

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The survey of over 1,000 UK consumers and insights from 36 GCVA member organisations, also showed 94% of those aged 66 and over are engaged in at least one scheme, alongside 81% of young adults between 18 and 25.

Schemes also appeal to those on both high and low incomes, with 96% of those with a household income of over £75,000 actively involved in such schemes.

However, it does outline the leading beneficiaries of loyalty schemes supermarkets (88% engagement) and coffee shops (35%) although it shows the health & beauty sector has a 22% engagement score. Fashion doesn’t appear to figure highly on the loyalty scheme list.

The research also indicates some frustrations with how some loyalty schemes are managed, which businesses should bear in mind. Consumers often find these programmes complex and difficult to use, which can diminish their effectiveness. Additionally, concerns about data privacy and the perceived value of rewards can hinder consumer trust and engagement.

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