How This Law Firm Converts 4x More Web Traffic Through Digital Transformation

How This Law Firm Converts 4x More Web Traffic Through Digital Transformation

Lawbrokr_AboveTheLaw_reducedDRS Law Personal Injury Lawyers, a US Personal Injury firm out of Nashville Tennessee, is a four-attorney team with a legacy of passionate and fearless advocacy. With over 30 years of success and $500M+ in recoveries, the firm has been focusing on increasing its digital presence to usher in a new era of growth.

Mid-2023, David Anthony Smith was searching for a solution that could help reshape how DRS Law engages with new clients. One of the biggest sources of revenue for the firm was referrals, but with a large wave of consumers shopping for law firms online (78% of legal consumers start their search on Google), David and his team needed a new way to engage potential clients to appropriately compete against other firms in the area.

DRS Law faced a common challenge within the legal industry – uneducated legal consumers wanted experiences similar to what they are used to when it came to other purchase decisions made online.

DRS Law partnered with Lawbrokr, a pre-intake platform that helps guide consumers through their legal buying journeys to optimize the way leads interact with you digitally. “With one simple change, replacing our traditional contact forms, and leveraging Lawbrokr’s conversational workflows, we saw 4x more web traffic convert into qualified leads.”

Law firms invest significant time and resources into software that enhances their practice, including intake and practice management systems like Lawmatics, Clio, MyCase, and Filevine. However, many firms have yet to fully embrace technology that elevates the online client experience (CX), a crucial factor in today’s digital world. Notably, 73% of consumers consider CX a decisive factor in making online purchases, a trend that undoubtedly extends to the selection of legal services. Enhancing online interactions and service delivery can, therefore, be a key differentiator for law firms looking to attract and retain clients.

For DRS Law and others, it also comes down to time management. The frustration of dedicating resources to dead-end consultations and misprioritized leads is all too common. When teams waste time on leads that ultimately cannot be serviced due to jurisdictional or practice area constraints, they incur an opportunity cost by not focusing on more suitable leads, which can result in a loss of revenue. If you implement a solution that can act as a bridge between the client and your intake team, not only will you provide a better client experience, but you have the opportunity to take the lead to conversion that much faster.

When it comes down to it, if you’re a firm that is investing time and resources into building an exceptional website and creating valuable content, but lack an effective means of converting visitors into leads, you are likely not optimizing your efforts.

“Lawbrokr serves as the vital missing piece in the customer experience puzzle, ensuring that every website visitor has a pathway to engage and provide essential case information to your team.”

For more on digitizing your client experience visit the Lawbrokr website.

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