Did you know Shah Rukh Khan rejected a big producer film during his TV days? The reason will make you respect him even more

Did you know Shah Rukh Khan rejected a big producer film during his TV days? The reason will make you respect him even more

Shah Rukh Khan is a legendary actor whose stardom is the stuff of dreams for many people. With over 30 years in the film industry, SRK has proven time and again why he is the Badshah of Bollywood through his unwavering hard work and determination. It is a widely acknowledged fact that long-term success requires patience, and Shah Rukh exemplifies this trait. He waited for the perfect role to make his debut in Bollywood, instead of jumping at the first opportunity presented to him. It is not well known, but during the shooting of the TV series Umeed, Shah Rukh was offered a film role by a big producer. Despite being excited, he declined the project. Why, you ask? Let’s find out. Also Read – How Shah Rukh Khan, Farah Khan got the whole Bollywood together for Om Shanti Om song with calls, convincing, freebies

Shah Rukh Khan rejected a big producer film due to THIS reason

Shah Rukh Khan kickstarted his acting career in television. His most successful TV show was Circus. He also appeared in another television series named Umeed. Mushtaq Khan, who was also part of TV series Umeed recently revealed an interesting anecdote about SRK while speaking to Digital Commentary. During one of the shoots, Shah Rukh asked Mushtaq who Pranlal was. Mushtaq informed SRK that he was one of the biggest producers. King Khan revealed that he had been receiving calls from Pranlal, and thus inquired about him. Mushtaq told SRK that the producer must be calling him for a film and how he should consider it. Also Read – After Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Deol patch-up post Gadar 2, Bobby Deol shows love for Aryan Khan in THIS manner [Watch Video]

A few days later, Shah Rukh informed Mushtaq that Pranlal had indeed offered him a film, but he rejected it. Upon hearing Shah Rukh’s response, Mushtaq recalled that he got furious over SRK and asked how he could reject such a big opportunity. The young actor then revealed that Pranlal had offered him the role of Raaj Kumar’s son in the movie. He stated that he knew he would not get a chance to outshine in Raaj Kumar’s presence as the movie just had two to three scenes and similar dance sequences, that too with Raaj Kumar. Also Read – After Animal Javed Akhtar slams Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan due to THIS strong reason

Mushtaq Khan stated that at that moment, he realized that Shah Rukh definitely had the potential to become one of the biggest superstars and how he is here to stay for a long run. And guess what? Mushtaq’s thoughts indeed came true.

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