Calque expands its Trade-In Mortgage offering 

Calque expands its Trade-In Mortgage offering 

Calque, a company that partners with lenders to offer non-contingent mortgages to homebuyers, has announced new strategic partnerships with Fancher Mortgage Group and Jones Mortgage Group to extend its Trade-In Mortgage product. 

The collaborations aim to simplify the homebuying process by leveraging a homeowner’s  existing equity to secure a new property before they sell their current home. 

“Calque found great synergy in both Fancher Mortgage Group and Jones Mortgage Group to provide The Trade-In Mortgage,” Calque CEO Michael Bremer said in a statement. “These are among the best mortgage experts in the country and the service they provide will allow more buyers to use their home equity to transition from one home to the next.”

Launched in 2021, Calque offers a range of products tailored for borrowers seeking to purchase a new home before selling their current one. The Trade-In Mortgage, in particular, allows homeowners to leverage the equity in their current home to increase their down payment and reduce monthly payments on their next home. 

The product enables homeowners to prepare their original home for sale after moving. It also positions them to compete with cash buyers and appeal to sellers. This can be especially important in a high interest rate environment where non-contingent offers are particularly attractive.

The Trade-In Mortgage ensures that buyers do not have to manage two mortgages concurrently for an extended period. Unlike many other buy-first mortgage solutions companies, Calque also allows borrowers to work with the agent of their choice and any lender in the Calque mortgage provider network.

In March 2024, Calque appointed Bremer as CEO. He previously served as the executive vice president of enterprise operations at CoreLogic

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