20 Instagram Post Ideas for Higher Engagement in 2024

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20 Instagram Post Ideas for Higher Engagement in 2024

Struggling with content ideas? Look no further! We’ve compiled the best Instagram post ideas in this blog to help you dazzle your followers. From stunning selfies to travel adventures and beyond, get ready to up your Instagram game and keep your feed fresh and engaging.

1. Behind-the-scenes

Followers love getting a peek behind the curtain because it helps them see the real, genuine side of the brand. It’s like a breath of fresh air from all the usual product posts and helps build trust.

One thing is that behind-the-scenes content can be casual. That’s why some brands like to share these sneak peeks through their Stories, where it can be more casual and fun!

Check out how GoodFellas.Studio posted BTS shots of their ad film for Microsoft.

2. Motivate Your Followers with a Quote

Inspirational quotes are like those heartwarming movies we all love – like a ray of sunshine in a world full of negativity online. People are looking for that boost of positivity.

It brightens up your followers’ day and helps build a special connection between them and your brand, which is a total win-win!

When you use inspirational quotes, remember a few things: Make sure the picture looks amazing with vibrant colours and cool designs. You can use tools like Canva to make it super easy. And always remember to credit the person who came up with the quote, like Business Insider India did in their recent post.

3. Product Displays

Instagram isn’t just for sharing pics with friends anymore – it’s become a hot shopping spot! People are hopping on Instagram to discover new products and shop like never before. Because of this, a lot of businesses are hopping on board to market their products, attract new clients, and increase sales. Check out this example from Samsung below.

nstagram made it even easier with Shoppable Posts! Now, businesses can not only catch the eye of potential buyers but also make it super easy for them to hop over to their websites and get their favorite things.

4. Contests and Giveaways

If you want to get people excited about your brand and get them talking, contests and giveaways are where it’s at!

Contests can really get people buzzing about your brand. Plus, they often lead to lots of social proof and content your audience creates.

For the best results, offer a prize that really speaks to your core audience, even if it’s not something everyone would go crazy for, as Zebra Pen USA did above. Sure, everyone likes a free phone, but it’s better to focus on people who could become your actual customers and engage with them.

5. User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is like magic for your Instagram!  It shows that you’re super engaged with your community, and it makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy.

Using UGC is super easy and a powerful way to promote your brand without being too in-your-face. Check out how Levi’s does it.

To get more UGC, chat with your followers and tell them what content you’d love to see. Give them a hashtag to use, and when they post content with it, you can share it on your profile with their permission.

6. Share Memes

Let’s sprinkle some human charm and a dash of humour into your brand strategy with relatable memes that resonate with your audience.

When executed masterfully, memes can work wonders for elevating brand recognition and forging a deeper bond with your beloved customers. They serve as a delightful avenue to reveal your genuine personality and connect with people more heartfeltly. Check out how Zomato created a meme around Friendship’s Day.

Remember the golden rule: keep them funny, timely, and oh-so-relatable. You might even hit the elusive jackpot of going viral with a stroke of luck. However, having a trusted second opinion is always wise to save you from the dreaded cringe factor before you hit that ever-enticing “post” button.

7. Product Tutorials

Video tutorials are like the superhero of content – they swoop in with immediate, real-world benefits for your target audience.

A mere thirty-second video showcasing how to effortlessly wield, care for, or set up your product can wield mighty results. Your customers won’t just like this content; they’ll love it! And if you manage to shine a spotlight on just how simple or game-changing your products are, you could be in for a sales bonanza just like Dyson did in this post below.

8. Product Tags

You’re scrolling through your Insta feed and spot a product you can’t resist. But hold up, instead of the usual hassle of hunting down details and going through a maze of links; there it is – product tags! You get the lowdown on the product’s name and price with a simple click. One more tap, and you’re whisked away to a screen where you can seal the deal. Look how Sephora got creative and made a shoppable post for acne-treating products.

Instagram has upped its game with product stickers for Stories. These stickers let users view product information with a single tap. They can dive into the details and even make the purchase right there.

9. Hyperlapse Videos

Breathe life into the ordinary with captivating hyperlapse videos. It’s the skill of transforming everyday events into captivating visual journeys that will entice your viewers.

Hyperlapse involves snapping still shots at different spots along your path or circling an object and then putting them into a warp-speed video. The result? Even the most ordinary subjects might appear like they are right out of a dream thanks to this thrilling time-lapse journey. Check out how Matthew Vandeputte creates hyperlapse videos.

Think about it – you can unveil the bustling activity of a busy street corner, the transformation of a blooming flower, or the fascinating flow of clouds in the sky.

10. Pop Quizzes and Puzzles

Want to jazz up your social media game and get more likes and comments on your posts? Here’s a friendly tip that’s tried, tested, and true: Ask your audience a question!

Quizzes are your best buds here. They grab your audience’s eyeballs and invite them to join the conversation and share their thoughts. Like this example below.

Now, let’s talk puzzles. They pique people’s curiosity and make them quest for answers. It’s the friendly competition element that kicks engagement into high gear. So, next time you post a puzzle, consider it an element for turning your audience into super-engaged, fun-loving fans!

11. Throwback Posts

Here’s a little secret that everyone loves: nostalgia!

Why not dive into the warm embrace of “throwback” posts to celebrate your business’s roots and cherish its journey? It’s like adding a dash of #vintagelove to your brand, and your audience will absolutely eat it up!

12. Reply to Questions

Instagram creators can now spice up their comment game on Reels with none other than another Reel! Because, let’s be real, sometimes words just can’t do justice to a question or a reaction.

With Reel responses, you dive headfirst into the “show, don’t tell” philosophy. It’s like opening a treasure chest of creativity and taking your interactions to a new level of fun and flair like BEE KIND® did above.

13. Industry Trends

Share your niche’s hottest happenings with your audience. If it piques their interest or you’re eager to hear their thoughts on it, don’t hesitate to post about it. After all, the whole point is to inform your followers and start conversations.

14. Use Illustrations

Illustrations make understanding complex concepts effortless and are like a friendly wave that says, “Hey, check this out!”

These attention-grabbing posts are like magnets for your audience, keeping them hooked and excited. But here’s the trick – make sure your illustrations match your brand or what you’re all about to keep things on point.

Get creative with your illustrations to show off cool ways to use your products. Whether it’s a step-by-step guide or a ‘how-to’ tutorial, illustrations give your content that extra oomph and make it super easy for your audience to get what you’re sharing.

15. Recommend a Favorite App

Got a game-changing app that’s simplifying your life? Don’t keep it a secret!

Take a screenshot to give your followers a sneak peek, and share a few sentences on how this app is your ultimate sidekick. Encourage them to share if they’ve tried it too, and even spark a conversation by asking about their favorite apps.

16. Debunk Industry Myths

Myths and misconceptions abound in today’s information-heavy digital landscape. But as a seasoned business owner, you’re the authority in your field.

Let’s put the record straight! Craft a post that debunks some of these common myths, like this post below from amlatnaturalleskincare, sharing your expertise and shedding light on the truth. Your target audience will value the insightful information you present.

17. Affiliate Product Review

If you’re affiliated with products in your niche, you often have access to high-quality images for your social media posts. But remember, always ensure you have the necessary permissions.

Crafting an engaging Instagram caption is key. Share your own or showcase another user’s positive experiences with the product. You can also include a link to a more detailed review on your blog, in a Story, or your bio.

18. Establish Branded Content Partnerships

Leverage Instagram’s branded content partnership feature, designed to simplify amplifying branded content on creators’ feeds.

When you forge connections with creators and team up to brainstorm content concepts for Instagram, you unlock the potential to reach a broader audience and promote your products and services effectively. Look how Bellissima UK collaborated with Caress to promote their hair styling product.

19. Tips & Tricks

What’s better than your regular product posts? Showing your customers with new and imaginative ways to use your products. It’s all about unleashing your creativity and thinking out of the box.

You must have encountered those Instagram accounts that post DIY content and garnered thousands of followers. You can be a part of this community too! And the best part? You don’t have to be an expert to create DIY videos!

Creating DIY videos helps you connect better with your audience and keeps them engaged.

20. Unveil New Products/Business Milestones

Here’s a simple yet super effective idea: Spice up your Instagram game by unveiling new products or exciting business news with eye-catching visuals! Not only does it give you cool new content to share, but it also gets people excited to hit that follow button. Who doesn’t want to be in on the latest buzz from their favorite brand, right? Check out this post from Rare Beauty.

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