YouTube’s Updated Desktop UI is Now Available to All Premium Subscribers

YouTube’s Updated Desktop UI is Now Available to All Premium Subscribers

YouTube’s controversial desktop redesign is now available to all YouTube Premium subscribers, as the platform continues to work on its new format, which will ideally, eventually provide a more intuitive and engaging viewing experience.

YouTube desktop update

As you can see in this example (posted by Android Authority), the updated YouTube desktop playback U.I. places the video title, description, and comments to the right of the video player, with recommendations at the bottom, instead of along the right side of the screen.

YouTube says that the improved viewing experience” is designed to clear the playback screen, while also making it easier to find related content, and “enhancing” your ability to engage with comments.

Though feedback on the redesign thus far has been less than stellar.

I mean, any change that takes people away from what they’re familiar with, on apps with millions (or indeed billions) of users is going to get its fair share of criticism. But users have noted that the new format is less engaging, less responsive, and basically jarring in its presentation.

Those may well be growing pains, and users will likely get used to it. But it will be interesting to see how it’s received on a broader scale, now that all Premium subscribers are able to access it.

YouTube’s been testing several variations of the new desktop U.I. since February, but now, it appears to have settled on this one. And the fact that it’s also being tested on a wider scale could suggest that it is coming soon, so whether you like it or not, you may have to get used to it.

And if you’re super keen to get a feel for it, you can sign-up for YouTube Premium to try it out.

YouTube says that the redesigned Watch page is available as a Premium perk till July 1st.

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