What the “Preparing” Status Means

What the “Preparing” Status Means

Have you seen this status in Ads Manager?

Preparing Status

I’ve had a few advertisers mention seeing this, and I’ve spotted it a couple of times now, too. A “Preparing” status after you’ve published a campaign.

I assume this is new because I don’t remember seeing it before. I’ve heard of some advertisers get stuck in this status for several hours.

What Is It?

First, there are five different icons you may see that represent your status:

  • Error
  • Warning
  • Pending
  • Active
  • Inactive

“Preparing” is one of four different status that fall under the “Pending” icon (the others are Scheduled, In Review, and Processing).

Pending Status

Here’s the definition of Preparing from Meta’s Business Help Center:

The ad successfully passed review and the delivery system is now matching it to the right bid and audience so you can start seeing impressions. Once it has at least 1 impression, it will enter the learning phase or become active.

So, your ad passed review and processing at this point. It’s just Meta’s systems working in the background to figure out who should see your ads.

I’m not sure why this seems to take longer in some situations than others, but it at least helps you know that your ad is approved and ready to go.

Have you seen this, too?

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