TikTok Shares Insights into Key Considerations for Brand Marketing

TikTok Shares Insights into Key Considerations for Brand Marketing

Looking to up your TikTok game?

I mean, you probably wanna’ be quick, considering it may well be gone soon (at least in the U.S.), and if you are looking to map out a more effective TikTok marketing strategy, then this will help.

Today, TikTok has published a new guide, in partnership with Ipsos, which looks at how brands can utilize creative elements to boost their reach and resonance.

You can download the full, 14-page “Return on Creative” report here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key notes.

First off, the report looks at how brands are approaching creative in 2024, and the role it plays in the modern interactive landscape.

As per the report:

“In order to break through, brand messages of today must be creative, memorable, relatable, bold, inclusive, and respectful of the consumer’s attention, all while achieving a brand’s objective: to impact the bottom line. It’s a complicated brief – but in order to drive business results, it’s a necessity.”

The report explores the various key considerations for optimal brand messaging, breaking it down into three key elements:

  • Empathy – The research suggests that empathy is a key consideration: “understanding what’s important to people, reflecting that in content.”
  • Resonance – This has always been a key consideration, ensuring that your brand messaging stands out in an increasingly cluttered media field. But the report further notes that “the ability to strike a chord with a viewer in a way that genuinely inspires them to take action” is key to video marketing.
  • Creation – Finally, the last part of the report looks at how TikTok, specifically, facilitates creation through its various tools.

Each section of the report includes a detailed overview, and visual breakdowns of the key notes.

TikTok Ipsos study

The guide essentially aims to provide more insight into the “why” of modern marketing approaches, before outlining how TikTok’s tools and uniquely suited to the task.

And it does do that, to some degree, though the insights are fairly light on balance, and the last section on TikTok tools is also not overly in-depth.

But it may help to provide some additional guidance for your strategy, or at the least, some additional considerations for your marketing approach.

You can download the full “Return on Creative” report here.

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