An Educational Grant will fund the production and printing of oral health information leaflets, with accompanying web page, also known as ‘Tell me About’ leaflets. They are a vital resource to inform and educate the public, as well as dental practices and hospitals to make available to their patients and leave in waiting areas.

The information leaflets are a valued, reliable and trustworthy source of advice which explain a variety of dental procedures, treatments, conditions and diseases. They also have helpful hints for prevention and maintaining good oral health.

We produce the leaflets at considerable cost to our charitable funds and an educational grant allows organisations to sponsor the leaflets in a way that allows us to make sure we get the right message to as many people as possible to educate them in good oral health, as well as fulfilling our charitable remit.

Key facts about the leaflets 

  • 52 topics explaining a variety of dental procedures, treatments, conditions and diseases.
  • Helpful hints for prevention and maintaining good oral health.
  • In existing for over 30 years.
  • Written by qualified and independent dental professionals.
  • Certified and awarded ‘Plain English’ recognition.
  • More than half a million leaflets sold annually.
  • 2.5 million views online.

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Patients are comprehensively told about their up-and-coming treatment or given advice about improving their oral health, however, research shows they forget this as soon as they leave. Further research demonstrates patients are more likely to recall information in a written form. They also have it for future reference.

Key benefits for grant providers

  • Increase brand profile with the public and dental professionals.
  • Exclusivity, maximum recognition and exposure.
  • Acknowledgement of donation.
  • Integration to marketing strategy for existing or new product lines.
  • Visible relationship with leading charity, which is respected and independent.
  • One educational grant per leaflet – with acknowledgement of generous donation.
  • Visibility and brand exposure to half a million consumers annually.
  • 2.5 million online viewers.

Topics for educational grants


Organisations who sign up to provide an Educational Grant do so for a three-year fixed contract. You will then have first refusal to extend your sponsorship at renewal time.

Pricing for each leaflet varies depending on print sales and online views.

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