Snapchat Adds AR Lenses to Skype Chats

Snapchat Adds AR Lenses to Skype Chats

Snapchat’s looking to broaden access to its A.R. features once again, this time via a new extension for Skype that’ll enable you to apply Snap Lenses within Skype chats.

Snap Skype Lenses

As per Snap:

Starting today, we’re bringing the magic of Lenses to Skype, so the community of more than 80 million monthly active Skype users can now add Lenses to their conversations with friends and family. With dozens of Lenses to choose from, chats are even more personalized and fun – get some giggles from donning a glitter beard, go retro with disco glasses, or simply show your love with raining hearts.”

Though technically you could already do this, sort of, via Snap’s recently launched Chrome extension, which enables you to apply Snap Lenses via your webcam.

Snap Camera Chrome Extension

Not every Skype user is also using Chrome of course, but the functionality was re-added last month, as Snap looks to expand its Lenses to more surfaces once again.

It’s a new push from Snap, which shut down its separate Snap Camera app in January last year, removing the option to appear in your Zoom calls as a potato, a unicorn, etc.

But now, Snap’s looking to branch out to third party tools once again, which could provide additional fun and engagement in your video chats.

Why is Snap looking to extend Lenses again?

Well, it gives Snap additional exposure, which will likely bring more people back to the app. Snap only shut down its original Snap Camera extension due to cost-cutting, but seemingly, someone at Snap has decided that this was not the right way to go, and as it re-focuses on its major markets, in a bid to maximize its revenue opportunities, that exposure value is clearly more significant.

So, more Snap Lenses, in more places.

Snapchat says that it’ll add more Lenses to its Skype library over the coming months, with a view to aligning with the latest A.R. trends.

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