Our relationship with Polo® Sugar Free began in 2016, when they reached out to us about working together to raise awareness about the role sugar plays in oral diseases.

That year, they joined us as a National Smile Month Sponsor – a commitment they have repeated ever since.

Our work with Polo® Sugar Free is all about instilling positive messages about low-in-sugar diets, how sugar-free foods and drinks can help you take care of your teeth and actually help prevent tooth decay.

In addition to sponsoring National Smile Month for the last two years, Polo® Sugar Free has also helped us produce, create and deliver around 8,000 special packs to those people supporting the campaign. These packs help us to communicate the importance of the National Smile Month to health professionals, teachers and workplaces all across the United Kingdom. These packs have really helped transform the success of National Smile Month by giving supporters of all kinds more opportunities to get involved in promoting good oral health.

Polo® Sugar Free products are also ‘approved’ under our Accreditation programme as being ‘kind to teeth’ while also helping to warn off bad breath.