Not Good, Average Or Poor. ICC Match Referee Announces Cape Town Test Pitch Rating

Not Good, Average Or Poor. ICC Match Referee Announces Cape Town Test Pitch Rating

After a 1.5-day end finish to the second Test between India and South Africa, a lot has been said and written about the pitch that was used in the match. Team India emerged triumphant in the contest but not before 23 wickets fell on the opening day. India captain Rohit Sharma also publicly criticised the indifferent verdicts from match referees when it comes to early conclusion of contests in India and overseas. Now, ICC match referee Chris Broad has announced his rating for the Newlands pitch.

The match referee has given an ‘unsatisfactory’ rating to the pitch used in the second Test between India and South Africa, also handing a demerit point.

“The pitch in Newlands was very difficult to bat on. The ball bounced quickly and sometimes alarmingly throughout the match, making it difficult to play shots. Several batters were hit on the gloves and many wickets also fell due to the awkward bounce,” Broad said.

The demerit point doesn’t hold a direct repurcussion but if a venue accumulates six demerit points, it triggers a year-long prohibition from hosting international matches.

Rohit Sharma fumed at ICC match referees

Rohit launched a sharp attack at pitch critics, saying he doesn’t understand why there’s extensive chatter when pitches produce sharp turn in India. But, when matches end early overseas, the match referees and critics often keep quiet.

“We saw what happened in this match, how the pitch played and stuff like that,” Rohit said in the press conference after the Cape Town Test. “I honestly don’t mind playing on pitches like this. As long as everyone keeps their mouth shut in India and don’t talk too much about Indian pitches, honestly.”

“I still can’t believe that the World Cup final pitch was rated below average [it was rated average]. A batsman got a hundred there in the final. How can that be a poor pitch? So these are the things the ICC, the match referees, they need to look into and start rating pitches based on what they see, not based on the countries. I think that’s quite important.

“So I hope they keep their ears open, they keep their eyes open and look into those aspects of the game. Honestly, I’m all for pitches like this. We want to challenge playing on pitches like this. We pride ourselves playing on pitches like this. Uh, but all I want to say is be neutral.”

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