Morning Docket: 01.11.24

Morning Docket: 01.11.24

* Judge in Trump’s civil trial receives bomb threat. Probably because he wouldn’t let Trump bomb his own closing. [Daily Beast]

* Bob Menendez hires Jones Day lawyer from McDonnell team that got the Supreme Court to functionally legalize public corruption. Hope the firm likes being paid in gold bars. [Politico]

* Ron DeSantis keeps on losing. Today it’s the Eleventh Circuit ruling that, as governor, he cannot just fire local officials from office. Next week it’s Iowa.  [Reuters]

* Bankruptcy partners charging up to $2400 per hour. No wonder the client went bankrupt. [American Lawyer]

* Ohio law requiring parental consent to obtain a social media account blocked like it was an anti-vaxx high school acquaintance. [CNN]

* Biglaw may have failed to recognize as clients began sending some work elsewhere. Probably too busy rolling around naked in piles of cash to notice. [ABA Journal]

* The mass exodus from Fisher Broyles suggested that fully distributed firms carry instability along with their promise. This piece carries that idea further and suggests that it’s the faster evolution of these firms as a concept that holds seeds of any one entity’s destruction [Bloomberg Law News]

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