Morning Docket: 01.10.24

Morning Docket: 01.10.24

* Here we go again. Rates increase, clients say they’re going to give the work to more cost effective firms, this lasts until someone gets skittish about not using Cravath, everything goes back to normal. We’re apparently now in stage 2. [American Lawyer]

* FTC paying cash prizes for people who can figure out how to stop voice cloning. [Corporate Counsel]

* Most law firm associates were women last year… [Reuters]

* … and therefore white dudes who can’t get firm jobs are lining up to sue. [Bloomberg Law News]

* The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jewish family whose painting got looted by Nazis. The Ninth Circuit decided to still not give it back. [LA Times]

* Disneyworld as law enforcement tool. [The Hill]

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