How I Approach Remarketing Now

How I Approach Remarketing Now

Back in the day, remarketing was a huge part of my ad strategy. It fell into two buckets.

1. I did general remarketing to a wide range of people who were connected to me. These were the people most likely to perform the action I wanted. An example was targeting all of my website visitors or people who engaged with my page.

2. I also did micro remarketing based on a very specific action performed by people during a short window. I called these Evergreen Campaigns, and I even did a training on them.

But, things have changed…

What I Do Now

I’ve mostly abandoned general remarketing, at least the way I did it then. Let me explain why.

First, the algorithm is smart enough to automatically include these people now, especially if you use Advantage+ Shopping or Advantage+ Audience. Even if you don’t use audience suggestions, Meta will prioritize people based on conversion history, pixel data, and prior engagement with your ads.

I’ll still use these custom audience as suggestions with Advantage+ Audience, but I almost never use original audiences to only reach all of my website visitors during the past 180 days, for example.

Advantage+ Audience Suggestion

Advantage+ Audience allows me to have the algorithm prioritize those people first before expanding the audience and going broader. This makes that approach more scaleable.

I’ll still occasionally do some micro remarketing, but it’s a very small part of my strategy. An example is abandoned cart remarketing where I have a specific message for a small group of people.

Abandoned Cart

In this case, you’d need to use original audiences and turn off Advantage Custom Audience.

Going Broader

You could do something similar with original audiences and Advantage Custom Audience. In either case, you’re giving the algorithm a starting point before it goes broader.

Advantage Custom Audience

Which approach you use depends on your comfort level. If you don’t trust the algorithmic magic of Advantage+ Audience, experiment with Advantage Custom Audience. Ultimately, though, they’re very similar in what they do.

How do you approach remarketing now?

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