How An International Legal Team Is Embracing Innovation

How An International Legal Team Is Embracing Innovation

lightbulb-3753422_1280How can legal leaders use a forward-thinking mindset to propel an international team to new heights?

In this UpLevel View podcast, legal operations expert Stephanie Corey of UpLevel Ops sits down with Curt McDaniel, Chief Legal Officer at Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

McDaniel shares his approach to nurturing a vision that transcends borders — and how it’s infused into Ferring’s culture, driving extraordinary achievement. 

The discussion includes:

  • The concept of “legal design,” which focuses on understanding the needs and challenges of the business partner.
  • Building the legal operations department and its role in optimizing legal services.
  • The starting principles for assessing legal services needed and the best ways to provide the services.
  • The changing role of delivering legal services due to technology advancements and the impact on law firms.
  • Using data for improvement and measuring progress was discussed.
  • The importance of celebrating success and recognizing continuous progress was stressed.
  • The idea of a “legal data scientist” is an acknowledgment of the need for data-based decision-making in the company.
  • The experience of working on large legal contracts.

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