Horoscope of Sun enters into Sagittarius 2024

Horoscope of Sun enters into Sagittarius 2024

The horoscope formed at the time of change of the Sun’s zodiac sign is called Sankranti Kundali or Solar Ingress Chart. Since the Sun remains in one zodiac sign only for 30 days, the predictions of this solar ingress horoscope related to major political, social, economic and judicial developments is applicable for a month only. In the article on the Solar Ingress horoscope of Scorpio published on the 18th of November it was forecasted on this blog that the Supreme Court will give a decision in favor of the government in the case of removal of Section 370 and will also pass order for conducting assembly elections in the Jammu & Kashmir.  Recently, on December 11, a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court, in its decision, repealed Section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir by the Central Government in August 2019.  Now if we study  the horoscope of Sun Enters into    Sagittarius on the 16th December at 3:59 pm, then there are astrological indications of some major political events taking place in India and America.

Solar Ingress of Scorpio (Vrischik Samkranti)- What it foretells ? 

Diplomatic tension will increase between India and USA

Chart 1. Horoscope of Sun Enters into Sagittarius

Solar Ingress of Sagittarius 2023
At the time of Sun’s transit in Sagittarius sign,  Mars is conjunct with Gulika in Scorpio and Mars is also making a mutual aspect relation with Saturn who is transiting in Aquarius at present. Mars is looking at Saturn from its fourth aspect and Saturn is looking at Mars from  its 10th  aspect. By looking at Mars from the tenth aspect, a situation of extremely explosive and major political upheaval is being created by Saturn which is the planet of democracy in mundane astrology. Here from the astrological point of view, it is worth seeing that the foundation horoscope  of the Leo Ascendant of the United States of America has the Moon in the seventh house in Aquarius.

Chart 2. Foundation Horoscope of USA

astrological forecast about USA

Now superimpose the planets at the time of Solar Ingress of Sagittarius at the foundation horoscope of USA given above. At present  the transit of Saturn is in Aquarius which is the natal Moon sign of USA.  And the fourth aspect of Mars on the natal Moon of USA is a  a sign of major ups and downs in its foreign affairs. As per Hindu Astrology Vimshottari Dasha system USA  is going through the inauspicious major Dasha period of Rahu and Sub Period of Saturn in it. This period of Rahu-Saturn in the Leo lagna foundation horoscope of USA from 21st of November 2023 to 27th of September 2026 will give him debt crisis, high inflation, higher spending on weapons, political disturbances and violence in the country.

In the coming days, America will be involved in putting up diplomatic pressure in the conspiracy case of murder of so-called Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. USA will  put diplomatic pressure on Indian officials due to which the situation between the two countries will be somewhat uncomfortable. Mars sitting in the seventh house of foreign policy in the Surya Sankranti horoscope (Chart 1)  is  afflicted by the aspect of Saturn. This is a sign of some tense situation for India in the next 30 days in the matters of diplomatic relations particularly with USA and also Canada.   America’s interference in the elections of neighboring country Bangladesh may also make India somewhat uneasy.

Winter will be less than normal and there is a possibility of some untoward incidents

During the season of winters  the watery planet Jupiter is transiting in Aries, which is a sign of fire element. Due to the effect of this transit of Jupiter, there will be less fog in winter this year but the rainfall will be good in North India. On 27th December of Mars will change sign and move into Sagittarius which  will bring some  rain in many states of North India .  Mars at present is under the aspect of Saturn but after changing sign into Sagittarius it will get the 9th aspect of Jupiter which will bring some rains and the temperature will drop suddenly with the onset of extreme could wave in North and Central parts of India.

After December 27, the weather will suddenly take a turn due to heavy snowfall in the Himalayas and the cold wave will be intense in North India and Central India. But this year, due to Saturn being in Aquarius, the effect of winter will reduce in Western India and North-Eastern Parts  India. As the Sun moves  into Sagittarius on the 16th December it will come under the asupcious 9th aspect of Jupiter, so the hike  in gold prices will be curbed for a few days. Later on the 27th December due to Mars moving into Sagittarius the current hyper movements  in the stock market will also be curbed. At present the mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn is a major cause for the high inflation and surge into stock markets investments by small investors. But the situation will become normal after 27th of December when Mars will move into Sagittarius where it will receive the aspect of the celestial moderator Jupiter.

In the Solar Ingress of Sagittarius horoscope (chart 1)  the Taurus ascendant is rising, which is also the birth ascendant of the foundation horoscope of independent India. Sun being in the eighth house in the Sankranti horoscope and Saturn’s aspect  on Mars which is  in the seventh house is giving an astrological indication for  a difficult situation for the Central Government due to some major untoward incident in the next 30 days. Saturn placed  in the tenth house in both Rashi and Navamsha of the Solar Ingress horoscope is indicating that the Central Government may bring some strict and controversial laws in the ongoing winter session of the parliament. Also, since the 7th house is the house of opposition parties so the affliction to the 7th house in Solar Ingress chart shows major strife between the opposition I.N.D.I.A alliance and the ruling BJP in next one month.

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