Fundraising FAQs | Oral Health Foundation

Fundraising FAQs | Oral Health Foundation

Yes. Our team is on hand to help you ensure your fundraising is as successful as it can be. From providing posters, sponsorship forms, social media and press release templates, help is on hand to help spread awareness.

Here are our quick tips to making your event the talk of the town…

Use local media: Local newsletters, daily papers, radio stations and television in your area are always keen on covering events for a good cause, so make them aware of the details of your event in good time! Some ingenious advertising of your own can also increase your audience.

Hand out flyers: A cheap, effective way of promoting your event is to hand out flyers a few weeks in advance. Make them as interesting as possible: include all the key information such as the date, venue and type of event you have planned. Make sure people know about your event!

Smile for the camera: Think about photo opportunities – local papers love to use fun, entertaining photos as a basis for covering of local events. Book a photographer, because a good photo is a great way of generating media coverage and makes an excellent memento of your successful event.

Write a press release: Why not send out a press release too? It’s an excellent means of promoting a good oral healthcare message through your local media outlets to a large, local audience.

Go social: Post about your event on social media. Create a fundraising page on our website and ask people to share it. You might be surprised about far far and wide it goes.

Need more of a helping hand? That’s no problem. Contact our dedicated PR team who are experts in making some noise around events. Together we can help guide you on your fundraising journey.

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