Fantastic New Children’s Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Out Today

Fantastic New Children’s Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Out Today

I Am RBG Book Cover Meltzer via Bookshop

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I’m a lawyer and my wife is a lawyer—and these books have always been about teaching our kids about perseverance, kindness and how to fight for justice. So I love the opportunity to get into the legal issues. We did the same thing in “I am Martin Luther King, Jr.” and “I am John Lewis.” I think it’s important to show our children how the law actually works and impacts society. RBG learned that lesson early on in her career. Those stories matter more than ever.

— Bestselling author and Columbia Law graduate Brad Meltzer, in comments given to Tony Mauro of The Marble Palace Blog, on his new book, “I am Ruth Bader Ginsburg” (affiliate link). Meltzer explained to Mauro that “Justice Ginsburg is the first hero in the series who I actually knew personally before I started writing about her.” Over the course of the last 10 years, Meltzer has written 32 “I Am” books, and says his goal is to “help[] kids build character, kindness and compassion, one real hero at a time.”

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