The Oral Health Foundation’s experts analyse the very latest peer-reviewed research so that we can give you the very best advice and guidance about how to look after your oral health.

Toothbrushes: The toothbrush is the most effective way to maintain good oral health so it is important to pick the correct one for your needs. Here are the factors to take into consideration when choosing a toothbrush [download ‘Toothbrushes’ fact sheet].

Toothpaste: A pea-sized blob of fluoride toothpaste goes a long way to protecting your teeth from decay. Learn about what is in your toothpaste and what different ingredients and formulations do [download ‘Toothpaste’ fact sheet].

Mouthwashes: This document explains what role mouthwash can play in your oral health routine and what the key ingredients are [download ‘Mouthwashes’ fact sheet].

NHS dental complaints: How to make a complaint on your NHS dental treatment [download ‘NHS Dental Complaints’ fact sheet].

Private dental complaints: Proceeding with a complaint against private dental services [download ‘Private Complaints’ fact sheet].

Prevention: The importance of prevention in oral health [dowload prevention advice fact sheet].

Engaging children: Get children interested in oral health [download ‘Engaging Children’ fact sheet].