The Oral Health Foundation is supported by thousands of dentists every year while thousands more get actively involved in promoting our charity campaigns and initiates.

The relationship we have with all dentists around the world is precious to us and we value all the work that they do, not only in the treatment of oral health diseases but the positive messages around education and prevention they provide too.

While we are always thinking about the oral health status of the public, it is also important to remember that dentists themselves are also prone to sickness and illness and are as equally at risk of developing disease such as mouth cancer.

Dentists’ Provident have been sponsoring Mouth Cancer Action Month for the last four years and we’re proud to work alongside them to raise awareness of a disease which can really affect anyone.

Our partnership with Dentists’ Provident urges dentist to spend more time checking their patients for the early signs of mouth cancer while reinstating that it is also important to check themselves.

Last year, we spoke with more than all dentists in the UK to encourage them to be more active in checking for mouth cancer while helping remind them about what exactly they should be looking for.

Our work with dental professionals as a whole also reached around five million patients with vital information about the signs, symptoms, causes and risk factors of mouth cancer.