CloudLex – Purposefully Built To Help Plaintiff Personal Injury Firms Build, Manage, And Grow Their Business

CloudLex – Purposefully Built To Help Plaintiff Personal Injury Firms Build, Manage, And Grow Their Business

job-5382501_1280CloudLex, a personal injury case management software, offers a range of features to help law firms manage their cases more efficiently, including quick links to move swiftly between events, tasks, contacts, notes, and photos, and a global sidebar offering speedy access to searching, text messaging-like connection to clients and staff, notes, and emails.”

Latest Developments and Updates

  • CloudLex’s PDF Editor allows teams to edit uploaded PDF files directly without ever leaving the Legal Cloud©. This seamless feature enables users to add or edit text, apply highlights, attach files, insert images, bates stamp, collaborate through comments, and more.
  • Elevate your personal injury firm’s efficiency with LexSign by CloudLex, delivering the convenience of easily sending, signing, storing, and tracking e-signatures inside your legal software. Deal with fewer vendors, eliminate errors, and ensure convenience throughout the document signing process.
  • Quickly assess caseload and the firm’s progress with the custom report builder. Get a comprehensive view of the firm’s activity and generate reports on any assigned matter.

Assisting Personal Injury Firms

CloudLex is legal case management software designed to help personal injury law firms manage their cases more efficiently, with key features such as a Settlement Calculator and Uber for Attorneys. The user-friendly cloud-based software facilitates uploading documents to organize them in folders, is easily accessible through a mobile app, and is highly reliable and intuitive. CloudLex is usable out-of-the-box, minimizing the need for extensive training. The platform handles a case from initial lead consideration through conversion to a matter, and streamlined workflows include task, document, and expense management. CloudLex offers a range of features to help law firms manage their cases more efficiently, including quick links to move swiftly between events, tasks, contacts, notes, and photos, and a global sidebar offering speedy access to searching, text messaging-like connection to clients and staff, notes, and emails.

Intelligent Client Intake Software

CloudLex Intake Manager helps personal injury law firms streamline their intake process, convert more leads into clients, and manage the intake workflow seamlessly. A firm can provide a convenient and tech-savvy client experience by sharing intake questionnaires via email or text, letting clients complete forms on their devices. Clients can enter as much or as little data as they have, enhancing transparency, communication, and convenience for both parties. Information can be easily converted and assets collected during intake to create an active matter in just one click, eliminating the need for paper and manual data re-entry. To maximize efficiency, CloudLex offers guidance on Effective Strategies for Personal Injury Intake Management in a free e-book. The software also empowers personal injury (PI) firms to track their leads and ROI through valuable insights and analytics from a quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly perspective, all accessible from the Matter Intake Dashboard. See Figure 1.

Fig 1 CloudLex-Intake-Manager_1920x1080

Figure 1: The Matter Intake Dashboard is an informative landing page showing key information like number of leads added and accepted, as well as the conversion rate and average valuation of leads accepted. There are graphics for quick reference and navigational options across the top and in the blue bar at the bottom of the screen. Use the right-side global sidebar to start an activity, such as a search or composing an email or note.

PI-Specific Matter Management

CloudLex is mapped to the lifecycle of a personal injury case, delivering seamless and smooth case flow for pre-litigation, optimized litigation, automated discovery, trial readiness, and efficient personal injury settlement management. CloudLex offers a range of features to help legal teams manage their cases more efficiently, including Matter Manager, to manage, store, and categorize documents, images, and media files. Users can tag files for faster search, version control, and information management, enhancing productivity and organization in personal injury cases. CloudLex also helps users organize and track all matter-specific information in one place, including unique data on personal injury cases, such as medical information, liens, bills, and expenses. Create and link notes to contacts and track insurance and medical treatments.

As with all court matters, timelines are critical. CloudLex displays a timeline across the top of each matter page, mapping a case’s lifecycle. Users can view essential information like the total number of days since case opening, incident date, intake date, statute of limitations date, and other dates the firm deems valuable. Firms can consolidate all matters and attorney calendars into a single firm-wide master calendar, ensuring comprehensive visibility of firm-wide events and deadlines. CloudLex’s seamless integration with popular calendars, color-coded by user, and its real-time notification center enable a firm to stay organized and avoid missing a crucial date. See Figure 2.

Fig 2 CloudLex-Matter-Manager_1920x1080

Figure 2: The Matter Manager presents an overview of a specific matter, showing helpful information with easy navigation to a specific area within the case via the global sidebar and the blue ribbon navigation at the bottom of the screen. Users can see the timeline across the top, followed by important dates and a case summary.

Uber for Attorneys: Hassle-Free Travel Experience with Expense Tracking

Personal injury attorneys are constantly on the go, attending client meetings, court hearings, and more. Many clients may not, however, have their own vehicle or mode of transportation. CloudLex’s partnership with Uber allows attorneys to book Uber rides directly from CloudLex, eliminating the need to find a ride and manage receipts manually. See Figure 3.

Fig 3 CloudLex-Uber_1920x1080

Figure 3: The partnership with Uber helps a firm manage the logistics and expenses associated with client meetings, client medical appointments, trips to court, and more. A car can be ordered directly from the application, making it easy to capture expenses and provide clients with convenient mobility services.

This feature can be used to transport clients to medical appointments or hearings, offering them a convenient and stress-free experience and ensuring the continuation of their treatment. Trip receipts are automatically recorded in the expense manager, providing a real-time view of travel expenses and reducing manual processing. They can also be exported directly to QuickBooks Online. When users and their staff book trips for multiple matters, CloudLex Expense Manager automatically captures all necessary trip information, and Uber-specific expense reports can be generated with a click of a button. The convenience, ease of use, and assurance that clients receive exceptional care foster trust in the law firm among its clients.


CloudLex was created exclusively for plaintiff personal injury firms, understands the unique considerations, needs, and challenges of personal injury cases, and provides a personalized consultation followed by a detailed and tailored pricing quote.

Who is CloudLex?

Established in 2015, CloudLex collaborates with plaintiff personal injury law firms, offering them advanced technology, actionable insights, and expertise to build, manage, and grow their practice. The company’s unified platform, supported by Microsoft Azure’s HIPAA-certified data security, manages productivity, accountability, communication, collaboration, and insights across firms from case intake to settlement and negotiation, including storage and HIPPA-compliant archival.

Why Buy CloudLex?

  • Meticulously designed with a sole focus on personal injury law, ensuring that every feature and functionality directly addresses the unique challenges and needs of personal injury attorneys, their staff, and their clients.
  • The intuitive interface allows for quick onboarding and easy navigation, enabling teams to work efficiently without the steep learning curve often associated with legal software.
  • Enhance productivity with CloudLex’s seamless integration with Microsoft 365 for effortless synchronization and collaboration of emails, calendars, and documents, creating a unified and efficient workflow within the practice.
  • CloudLex provides comprehensive customer support so firms have as little disruption to their business as possible and is dedicated to ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience.
  • Hosted and backed by Microsoft Azure’s HIPAA-certified data security.

See CloudLex Today!

Learn how CloudLex can streamline operations, grow your caseload, and save time and money by requesting a demo today! And watch this video to discover why there is no comparison to CloudLex.

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