Boost Course Sales: Top Strategies

Boost Course Sales: Top Strategies

Strategies To Boost Course Sales

This article aims to present a few alternatives for how you, as a company/seller/course provider, can sell your online courses faster. Whether you’re a freelance course developer or a company, once you’ve created your courses, you’ll want to know how to reach your target audience. First, identify your preferred method and set reasonable goals, then plan how to implement your chosen approach to boost course sales, act effectively, and, most importantly, make time because we all know that success does not always come easily.

Top Ways To Boost Course Sales

In this article, I’ll provide several ways. All of them may not apply to your needs, but they’ll help you get an idea about how to do it.

1. Develop Your Own Online Academy/Learning Center/Site

This approach can help you organize your courses more effectively to meet audience expectations. You can structure the academy’s courses by topic, allowing learners to easily find their preferred courses. By categorizing courses by subject areas and designing a professional, attractive interface, you’ll enhance the learning experience.

Offering certificates and badges enables learners to share their achievements on social media, showcasing your academy’s logo and details, which can help attract more learners. Additionally, the academy or learning center serves as a centralized hub for marketing your courses and consolidating learning resources for your entire audience. A possible structure may be:

  • Overview of the learning program/deck, including course flow, topics, target audience, benefits, registration details, and contact information
  • Learning products and services
  • Course catalog (recommended and advanced courses for specific topics of interest)
  • Demos or practice experience for each product/service.
  • Registration section with sign-in/log-in buttons
  • Contact details

2. Collaborate With The Best Known Platforms To Sell Your Courses

When developing courses that include certificates, it’s important to gather feedback to ensure they benefit your target audience and that learners can apply what they’ve learned. However, reaching your target audience and successfully selling your courses can sometimes be challenging.

To address this, I suggest utilizing well-known course platforms as an option. There are several on the market that collaborate with individual contributors or companies, taking a percentage from the course income in return for this service. By collaborating with well-known course course platforms, you will benefit from:

  • Increased credibility
  • Visibility and branding promotion
  • Being visible alongside a large brand in the market and selling quickly
  • Access to a variety of other courses that can inspire you to develop your own and identify what is missing that you can incorporate

3. Develop A Dedicated Newsletter Promoting Online Courses

We can offer several free marketing options, one of them being to create a dedicated newsletter to promote and sell your course. Whether you use marketing emails, including newsletters, or platforms like LinkedIn, you can establish your own space to provide a brief description of your courses along with other resources that can benefit your target audience. The structure might be:

  • Your newly launched course
  • Each month, invite a learning company to present their various courses and their benefits
  • A monthly learning quotes
  • Finally, include either your course website or a place where all your courses can be found, along with a call to action

A newsletter can help you boost your visibility and your course sales, sell your courses more easily by promoting them each month, and make new connections.

4. Host Talks On Social Media About Your Available And Upcoming Courses

While implementing either all or just one of the proposed options, you can also periodically host brief talks about various courses, their purposes, and how they can benefit your audience, organizing the sessions by topics of interest. For example, one session could focus on project management, another on Instructional Design courses, and so on. The structure for a proposed talk on for project management courses might include:

  • The most well-known project management courses currently available.
  • The benefits of obtaining a certification by completing those project management courses.
  • A section showcasing your course’s added value for your target audience to promote your course.


By implementing these strategies, your courses will gain visibility and reach your audience more quickly. It is crucial to set realistic expectations from the outset, invest time and resources into developing each strategy, and focus on increasing connections. If done correctly, the results will come.

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