Bella Thorne Dishes on Her Upcoming ‘Fairytale’ Wedding and ‘Interesting’ Fashion Choices for the Big Day

Bella Thorne Dishes on Her Upcoming ‘Fairytale’ Wedding and ‘Interesting’ Fashion Choices for the Big Day

Here comes the bride! Bella Thorne and Mark Emms got engaged in May 2023, and since then, the couple has been in the thick of wedding planning.

As the actress continues to sort out details for the big day, there are some aspects that are already finalized.

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“The wedding is very fairytale, so I’ll be working twinkly lights into my hairstyles. … I’ve been thinking about finding ways to hide battery packs into my hair so that my hair twinkles and doing really extreme hairstyles to work jewelry into,” she told ET while celebrating the launch of the THORNE holiday jewelry collection at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood, California, on Dec. 11.

“Schiaparelli is doing my few different dresses, but I think that the dresses themselves already have such an interesting, big moment, so I’m thinking of choosing jewelry that is a little simpler. … I’ll probably stay away from pearls because it’s so classic that it feels too obvious for me, unless I do a ridiculous dripped look in pearls,” she added.

While the jewelry designer, 26, is planning to rock more low-key baubles for her special day, her go-to motto is usually the more, the merrier when it comes to stacking.

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“I’ve always been into big pieces and always had a love of ‘in your face’ pieces. … For a long time, I used to wear two watches like a weirdo. … My line has made me love simple pieces too. Now I like layering simple things, but making a big statement out of them,” she explained.

The Game of Love star has also changed her ways when it comes to the jewelry rules she previously followed.

“I used to be very afraid to mix metals. … I would only wear silver and you’d never see me caught dead in gold. … Now I really love mixing metals and it’s something that makes me feel seen and heard in a way that I don’t need to just be one thing,” she noted.

Regardless of what the singer is wearing — or not wearing — she always feels fully dressed with some go-to accessories.

Bella Thorne/Instagram

“I think jewelry is something that becomes part of you. You wear it every day and it should accentuate the person that you are already. You can wear my pieces to sleep and you never have to take them off.  … I look good going to bed and I look good in the shower. Even though I’m naked, I’ve got jewels on,” she joked.

And as the writer anticipates married life, the idea of having a true teammate also gives her a boost of confidence.

“You want to have a partner where you build together through sickness and in health and through richer and poorer. … I’m looking forward to having that officialness of really trusting each other and having that solidified, real love handshake going on,” she spilled.


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