Akshay Kumar broke down after the box office failure of Samrat Prithviraj and realised where they goofed up

Akshay Kumar broke down after the box office failure of Samrat Prithviraj and realised where they goofed up

Akshay Kumar stepped into the iconic role of Samrat Prithviraj and the Khiladi Kumar was only mocked for his titular role. The superstar failed to impress with his historical drama and there were lots of goof-ups in the film that were highlighted by the audience and this left the filmmaker bowing down with shame and nothing else. Chandraprakash Dwivedi has finally addressed the criticism towards his directorial and made some revelations. The director went on to reveal in his interview with a YouTube channel how Akshay Kumar broke down after the debacle of Samrat Prithviraj as he had extremely high hopes for the success of the film. Also Read – Akshay Kumar’s Welcome co star Mushtaq Khan reveals getting paid less than the superstar’s staff; recalls of being treated unfairly

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The filmmaker added that he and both Akshay realised they had goofed up and should never tamper the history. Revealing Akshay had tears in his eyes, Dwivedi said,” Akshay is a successful actor and he has that place in my life where I can criticise him to his face. I did not just critricse him in words, I also wrote to him about it on email, and even after that, there was no tension in our relationship”. Also Read – Salman Khan’s security breached after two people enter his farmhouse; a look at celebs who received threats

Chandraprakash Dwivedi claims that his point of view toward these mistakes in the film before the release was ignored, talking about Aditya Chopra he said,” People who get a producer like Aditya Chopra are quite fortunate. He is a sorted man who sees the project through but he has his own vision, and that was with regards to Prithviraj as well. He is not just a financier, he is also a creative person. He had certain ideas which should have been discussed in the beginning. I think his and my idea of history is poles apart. There was never a point where I did not express my objections to him. But despite putting across my objections, I did the film anyway”.

Indeed Samrat Prithviraj was the biggest disappointment, but Akshay Kumar took up the failure on his sleeves and moved on.

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