After his first show in Los Angeles, Doni Nahmias discusses his new projects

After his first show in Los Angeles, Doni Nahmias discusses his new projects

On Sunday June 9, Nahmias brand founder Doni Nahmias presented his Summer Spring 2025 collection at the Pan Pacific Park Gymnasium in Los Angeles. The show, which included a special performance by Machine Gun Kelly, marked a return to the brand’s hometown after several seasons on the Paris Men’s calendar. The essence of the collection lies in the fusion of the designer’s gritty, grunge-inspired aesthetic with his love for sportswear. After the event, Nahmias talked to about his show and upcoming projects, including the opening of his first boutique in Los Angeles. 

Doni Nahmias, founder of Nahmias

FashionNetwork : You held your first show in Los Angeles. What convinced you to show in LA?
Doni Nahmias : Showing in Los Angeles felt like a homecoming for myself and for the Nahmias brand. After showing in Paris for several seasons, I wanted to bring our Spring/Summer 2025 collection back to where it all began. LA’s vibrant culture, dynamic fashion scene, and the opportunity to celebrate with our local community were major factors in this decision. The essence of California’s laid back style and culture is deeply embedded in Nahmias, and showcasing here allowed us to share that with friends and family.

FNW : Did the recent shows of major luxury brands in Los Angeles impact your decision to show in LA?

D.N: The increasing presence of major luxury brands hosting shows in Los Angeles certainly influenced my decision. LA’s fashion scene has been gaining momentum and recognition, making it an exciting time to showcase our collection here. 
FNW: How has the Los Angeles fashion scene, and streetwear in particular, evolved since your arrival in the city?

D.N: Since I arrived in LA, the fashion scene has evolved significantly. There’s been a shift towards authenticity and individuality, with a mix of emerging designers and established brands making their mark. Streetwear, in particular, has grown to embrace more elevated and tailored styles, reflecting a desire for sophistication while maintaining its roots in comfort and individuality. The scene is now more diverse and inclusive, celebrating a wide range of styles and influences.

Machine Gun Kelly was the special guest of the SS25 Nahmias show

FNW: The show took place in a basketball gym. Was this a nod to your roots?

D.N: Yes, the choice of using a basketball gym for the show was definitely a nod to my roots. Growing up in Summerland, California, basketball played a significant role in my life, and still does today. The Pan Pacific Park Gym was transformed into a nostalgic high school setting that reflected my personal journey from a troubled skater teen to the designer I am today. The setting encompassed the themes of transformation and growth that are central to the SS25 collection.
FNW: What made you choose Machine Gun Kelly to open the show?

D.N: Machine Gun Kelly was the perfect choice for the show because of our long-standing relationship. He was the first celebrity to ever wear Nahmias, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. He’s always been a supportive friend and has a heart of gold. His grungy vibe perfectly matched the theme of the collection, and his performance added an authentic and energetic touch to the show, we re-did the Smells Like Teen Spirit music video as a runway show and nobody could have done it better. When I asked if he was up for the show, he said “f*ck yeah”. He’s a true artist and loves to perform. 
FNW: What was your inspiration for the SS25 collection?

D.N: The SS25 collection draws inspiration from my personal journey of growth and self-discovery. Reflecting on my troubled youth and transformation into adulthood, the collection weaves together memories of adolescence with elements of sports and fashion. The blend of gritty, grunge-inspired aesthetics with classic sportswear silhouettes captures the essence of that evolution. Each piece tells a story of overcoming adversity and embracing beauty, symbolizing the brand’s growth and my personal journey.

SS 25 Nahmias show

FNW: Are Nahmias sales much stronger on the American market than in Europe today? And how do you intend to win the hearts of European customers in the future?

D.N: While the American market remains strongest for Nahmias sales, we’re seeing increasing interest from European customers as well. We plan to continue showcasing our collections in European stores and expand our presence through pop-ups and strategic partnerships with top retailers. Our goal is to bring the spirit of California style and our unique aesthetic to a broader audience in Europe.
FNW: Is a future show in Paris out of the question?

D.N: A future show in Paris is certainly not out of the question. Paris has always been an incredible platform for us to showcase Nahmias on a global stage. While we are currently focused on celebrating our roots in Los Angeles, we remain open to the opportunities that Paris offers and look forward to potentially returning in the future.
FNW : You launched a pop-up in West Hollywood at Maxfield a few months ago. Does this format suit you, and what did you learn from the experience?

D.N: The pop-up at Maxfield was a major success. It allowed us to create an immersive and intimate experience for our customers, showcasing the Nahmias aesthetic and vision in a unique setting. From this experience, we learned the importance of engaging directly with our audience and the value of creating exclusive, personalized shopping experiences that reflect our brand’s identity.

Nahmias Summer Spring 2025 collection

FNW : You’re planning to open your first boutique. How far along are you with this project, and which part of Los Angeles are you targeting?

D.N: We’re actively in the process of searching for the right location for our first boutique. Our target area is West Hollywood, a vibrant neighborhood that aligns with our brand’s aesthetic and has a strong presence of high-end fashion and lifestyle brands. We’re excited about the prospect of creating a flagship space that embodies the spirit of Nahmias and serves as a hub for our community.

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