Across Biglaw Firms, The Future Really Is Female

Across Biglaw Firms, The Future Really Is Female

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Over the years, have you noticed a change in your firm? Because the data shows that the demographics are changing in ways that should inspire a future generation of lawyers and enrage the likes of Stephen Miller: on average, male associates are now the minority at law firms.

From Reuters:

In a major shift, new figures show that more women were employed as associates at U.S. law firms than men in 2023.

Survey data released on Tuesday by the National Association for Law Placement show that 50.3% of U.S. associates were women last year, marking the first time women outnumbered men.

The change in law firm demographics isn’t too surprising once you factor in the law schools feeding them — women have outnumbered men there for the last 8 years. The skew changes as you go higher up the ranks; even the firms with the most female equity partners still have a way to go.

Cheers to your successes! The more the profession diversifies, the better. Godspeed as well — I recommend that firms interested in making actual commitments to growing the number of female employees act swiftly before the Overton Window shifts to the point that it’s acceptable to sue the state bar because too much of the dues go to helping women succeed.

Most US Law Firm Associates Were Women In 2023, Survey Shows [Reuters]

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