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Watch terrifying clown mask robbery in Australia

CCTV footage shows the man waving what appears to be a gun, before threatening an employee and making off with cash from the register. The employee was not harmed and the thief is described as having a slim build with long dark hair. The incident took place on December 29 in Brisbane, Australia but Queensland [...]read moreWatch terrifying clown mask robbery in Australia

Pakistan launches strikes into Iran two days after missile strike

The military response comes two days after Iran launched strikes in Pakistan against “terrorist targets”. Source link

US launches fourth round of strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen

“These strikes, along with other actions we have taken, will degrade the Houthi’s capabilities to continue their reckless attacks on international and commercial shipping in the Red Sea, the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, and the Gulf of Aden,” the statement added. Source link

Anger and sadness over Pitchfork merger with GQ

Senior staff have lost their jobs as the music website merges with the men’s magazine. Source link

El Salvador woman freed after abortion conviction

Lilian’s baby died in hospital, but she was charged with murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Source link

What can happen in the extreme cold?

A look at the weird and wonderful effects of cold temperatures as North America is hit with frigid weather. Source link

US woman gets 26 years for mother's 'suitcase murder'

Heather Mack helped to kill her mother and stuff her body in a suitcase in Bali a decade ago. Source link

Courtney Dauwalter Step inside the pain cave where rules are remade

At the start of 2017, before everything changed, running was still a side project for Dauwalter, whose day job was teaching biology full-time in Colorado. “I majored in biology in college and thought I would do something medical or in sports medicine, but I quickly figured out that that probably wouldn’t be a good fit [...]read moreCourtney Dauwalter Step inside the pain cave where rules are remade

Torrid lives at the bottom of people-smugglers' pyramid

The Balkan migrant route is growing in prominence and local smugglers take high risks for little money. Source link

Peregrine lander: US Moon mission on course for fiery destruction

The hobbled Peregrine Moon lander will be forced to burn up in Earth’s atmosphere. Source link