6 best face scrubs for dry skin

6 best face scrubs for dry skin

Are you looking for face scrubs for dry skin? Here are some of the best options to help you get beautiful skin.

Scrubs and exfoliators are crucial components of any skincare routine, as they aim to deeply cleanse and renew the skin by removing dead skin cells, debris, and excess oil. They are designed to help clear pores, allowing skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin, giving you a glowing complexion. However, they are also believed to trigger irritation and sensitivity, which is why people with dry skin tend to avoid them. What if we tell you that there are face scrubs for dry skin that will leave your skin hydrated and not lead to skin irritation? Here are the best face scrubs you must try!

6 best face scrubs for dry skin

Check out the best face scrubs for dry skin which helps to remove dead skin cells and excess oil effectively:

1. Bio-Essence Scrub free Exfoliation Gel Cleanser

This face scrub from Bio-Essence is suitable for all skin types. It is claimed to be high in nutrients, amino acids such as niacinamide, and vitamins which provide deep nourishment, leaving your skin hydrated. Plus, gentle exfoliation helps to boost skin absorption capacity, removes dead skin cells, and unclogs pores. It also nourishes the skin deeply and delays skin ageing.

2. Pilgrim French Red Vine Face Scrub

Pilgrim Red Vine Face Scrub is high in minerals and may prevent signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. It revitalises, renews, and softens skin while exfoliating your skin properly. It contains natural ingredients that make it suitable for all skin types. This face scrub comes with the goodness of red vine, aloe vera, and vitamin B3. Red vine extracts activate microcirculation to bring nutrient-dense blood to the skin. Aloe vera protects the skin and provides moisturization and Vitamin B3 helps to give you glowing and clear skin and reduce hyperpigmentation.

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3. Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Oil Face Scrub

Kumkumadi Face Scrub is made with 16 vital Ayurvedic herbs. It contains Kashmiri saffron, which helps improve skin texture and give you glowing skin, sandalwood for removing tan and slowing down ageing, and grape extract, which is a natural vitamin C that helps hydrate the skin and reduce dark spots. This gentle face scrub helps remove layers of dust and pollution, giving you radiant and glowing skin. It also keeps blackheads and whiteheads at bay. And it’s suitable for all skin types, including dry skin.

4. VauriiC Coffee and Walnut De Tan Face Scrub

This face scrub comes with a formulation that is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. The ingredients are claimed to be free of harsh and toxic chemicals. The active ingredients present in this face scrub are mango butter, coffee, and walnut shell powder. Coffee removes deep tan and impurities and works as an antioxidant to protect against free radicals and smoothen out fine lines, and wrinkles. Walnut shell powder fights sun tanning and helps reverse the effects of pollution. Mango butter nourishes your skin with the ultimate moisturization. It is suitable for all skin types.

5. La Pink Ideal Bright Face Scrub

La Pink Ideal Bright Face Scrub is a 100 percent microplastic-free formulation with white haldi, which gently yet effectively exfoliates to help you achieve glass-like skin and a brighter complexion. The fine walnut beads and volcanic sand also gently remove dead skin cells and blackheads, revealing smoother and glowing skin. The creamy formula of the scrub restores lost moisture, providing hydration to the skin. It also helps clear clogged pores, preventing the formation of blackheads and reducing the appearance of blemishes. It is also suitable for all skin types.

6. PureSense Pink Guava Face Scrub

PureSense Pink Guava Face Scrub gently exfoliates and removes all the dirt, dust, and pollution from your face. This face scrub will help you achieve the perfect glow for your skin. Designed to gently exfoliate your face and relax your senses after a long day. It contains pink guava extracts, niacinamide, and African melon which helps to de-tan your skin, remove blackheads, and give you clear and glowing skin. Also, it is good to use for people with dry skin.

How to use a face scrub?

-Wet your face with lukewarm water.
-Apply a coin-sized amount of the scrub to your palm and gently massage it into your skin with your fingertips for two to three minutes.
-Wash off and pat dry with a towel.
-Follow with a moisturiser for added nourishment.

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Tips to keep in your mind while using face scrub

1. Always remember to wash your face before applying a face scrub.
2. Do not scrub your face for more than 40 or 45 seconds. Scrubbing for too long might irritate the skin.
3. If you have time for a thorough skincare routine, use a face mask after a face scrub.
4. Apply a hydrating moisturiser to your skin after cleaning. It will help replenish your skin.
5. Do not scrub your face every day. You can use it twice every week for best results.
6. Avoid exposing your skin to sunlight soon following a face scrub. It may make your skin extremely sensitive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How often should I exfoliate my face?

Face scrubs should be used once or twice a week to exfoliate dry, normal, and combination skin types. However, you must consult your healthcare provider before incorporating face scrubs into your skin care regimen.

2. How do I choose a scrub for dry skin?

Chemical exfoliants containing AHAs, such as niacinamide, glycolic, and lactic Acids, are ideal for those with dry skin. Face scrubs that are cream-based or contain nourishing ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin C, aloe vera, or shea butter are also effective for dry skin.

3. What should you use after a face scrub?

After using a face scrub, apply a light moisturiser. Apply the moisturiser while your face is still slightly damp. Damp skin allows the moisturiser to penetrate deep into your skin and deliver maximum benefits. It will keep your skin hydrated.

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